Dressmaking Courses

  • Courses are  5, 10, or 15 weeks long.   The levels are basic, improver, or accredited.
  • The skills of planning, designing, making, self evaluation and functional skills are practised to help you in your project organisation.  Any technical language necessary to understand your dressmaking patterns will be explained, together with any industrial terms used.  Sewing techniques will be explained or demonstrated by the tutor and help will be given to you in class as required.
  • Practical work is done in lesson time.  We want learners to use their time in class to improve their dressmaking skills and acquire knowledge and understanding of textile materials and products.
  • Researching skills including purchasing fabrics and patterns, using the internet, keeping your file in order and updating notes, finishing a particular practical technique started in class, and catching up with any missing lessons, will be given for homework in order for your garment to be finished before the end of the course.

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